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NetLinx Cabling – Case Study

Making the most of your home Internet

A reliable connection with the right coverage

In today’s world, technology is crucial to most aspects of our daily lives. The increase in working from home and home entertainment, means that it has never been more critical to have a robust and stable internet connection where you need it in your home.

ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) are rapidly improving the reliability and speed of their services all the time. Many homes and businesses now have the option of utilising the upgraded Fiber technologies. This is achieving throughput to the door of up to 900 mbps.

Having a robust and fast internet connection to your property is the first step. The next challenge is to make sure that you can optimally utilise all this bandwidth where you need it. This is where you need a strategy to distribute the bandwidth throughout your home in a way that maximises the throughput you are getting from your ISP.

The challenges of distributing Wi-Fi

The distance from the router, steel supports, wooden beams, reflective insulation, fire doors and many other building materials that can soak up Wi-Fi in your property. There are legal limits on the max output from a Wi-Fi device so it’s not a case of simply up-grading to a more powerful router.

There are many aftermarket products that are designed to resolve this issue.

You can buy home plugs and booster devices that will take a Wi-Fi signal and amplify it over a distance to create a mesh network. This along with other Wi-Fi emitting devices can over saturate your home with interfering signals which can be problematic.

These products don’t always provide the desired solution. They can and do work for some buildings but in a lot of cases they don’t always achieve the desired stability, throughput or distribution of your internet connection. This is because they boost a reduced quality signal so your not getting your internet distributed at the same speed or quality as it is received at the router.

Information technology solutions that work for you

A family got in touch to see if we could help with a weak Wi-Fi strength in the office and top floor bedrooms of their townhouse. They also had recently renovated a detached garage into a gym and required internet connectivity in there also.

They had just purchased a Fibre to the Door package from their ISP and were wondering why they were still experiencing issues with dropouts whilst watching their Sky Q home entertainment package. There was still lag and dropouts whilst online gaming. Mum was struggling with working from home she was experiencing video and audio brake-ups whilst participating on online video meetings. Dad needed to reliably host zooms for an online choir practice. They also needed the network expanding so they could connect to the Wi-Fi over in the newly built gym.

The solution was to run a cable from the router to a PoE switch. From the PoE switch, we ran Cat 6 network cables to the locations where we were to install the Wi-Fi AP’s (Access points) or the Ethernet sockets. We mainly recommend PoE (Power over Ethernet) equipment as this means that each Wi-Fi AP doesn’t require a separate power source, therefore reducing installation costs and achieving a neater and tidier finish. We always endeavour to find a hidden cable route to preserve the character of your home wherever possible.

All of the cables from the switch had been routed to where the AP’s and Data points were to be located. Then it was time to test the cables through and mount the access points.

Once the new network had been installed and configured it was time to switch over. Up until this point there was no internet down time required. The family was able to get on with their day. Normally its possible to have both networks on line at the same so our engineers will be able to switch your devices over with only a few minutes down time. If this is not the case then we will advise and arrange the most convenient time before we make the switch over. The Sky Q main and mini boxes were hardwired so the family could make the most out of the viewing experience

The family were pleased with the newly installed network. Especially the smart hand off feature. This means the network seamlessly handed their device over to the closest access point with no interruption in service. So they could move around their home with their mobile devices and still enjoy a solid connection.